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Twice Exceptional Students

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Twice-Exceptional Learners - Resources for Parents

Colorado Department of Education Definition

Common 2E Characteristics

7 Myths About 2E Children

Is My Child Twice Exceptional?

2E -

2E Slideshow for Parents

Identifying & Supporting 2E Learners - A Compilation


Famous 2E Faces in History

Overexcitabilities in the Gifted

The 6 Profiles of the Gifted

Domains of Giftedness - NAGC

Creative Development & 2E

The Dualities of Giftedness

     Underachieving & Gifted

     Visual Spatial Learners

     Nonverbally Gifted Students - Too Smart for Words

     Visual-Spatial Gifted Students

Tips for Parents: Advocating for the 2E Child and the Profoundly Gifted

Advocating for Your 2E Child

6 Tips for Helping Your High-Schooler to Self-Advocate

2E - 12 Questions to Ask the School 


Strengths First

SENG Parenting & Book Study Groups

SENG - Parenting

SENG Library - 2E

Mental Health Toolbox

The Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Children: What do we Know?

Management of Anxiety

Helping your Twice-Exceptional (2e) Child Build Frustration Tolerance

Raising Small Souls

A Strengths-Based Approach for 2E


TEDxTeen - Forget What You Know

Writing Challenges for Gifted Students

What is Executive Function?

2e - Developing Self Regulation for Learning


Hyper Brain/Hyper Body

Trouble with High IQ

Positives of ADHD

5 Superpowers of ADHD


The Survival Guide - Kids w/ASD

Bright Not Broken

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

Uniquely Wired 

Young, Gifted & Black with Autism

GT & Dyslexia:

Extremely Dyslexic, Extremely Gifted—The Ptahra Jeppe Story

Jonathan Mooney - on Dyslexia

Learning Outside the Lines & Dyslexia

Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz

Technology Light Bulb

 Making Connections – Technology to Bridge the Gap

  • Google Read & Write - Offers speech-to-text and text to speech features for writing and reading
  • Notability app - Aides in taking and organizing notes across school subjects
  • SnapType - Helps students keep up when writing, spelling or penmanship make it difficult (download to iPad or Chromebook)
  • Livescribe/Smart Pen - Aides and organizes note-taking, records lectures
  • Vyond/GoAnimate - Fosters engagement for learning and demonstrating learning, "The app enables students to produce videos, creating characters, scenes, and plots that illustrate their learning content.  In addition, it provides students with language skill practice and incorporates text-to-speech technology."
  • Blabberize - Fosters engagement "...a website resource that allows students to animate any image to make it speak."


 Recommended Books


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