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Home Based Options - Home School

Home Based Education is also known as "Home School or Home Schooling".

Per Colorado law, CRS 22-33-104.5.1it is recognized that home-based education is a legitimate alternative to classroom attendance for the instruction of children. Nonpublic home-based educational programs are subject only to minimum state controls which are currently applicable to other forms of nonpublic education. 

Home Based Ed is not the same as online learning, remote learning, Medical Homebound Instruction, or participating in any program through Jeffco Public Schools related to distance, remote, online learning, or medical homebound instruction.

Students seeking a high School diploma must be enrolled in Jeffco Public Schools.


What law governs homeschooling in Colorado?

Title 22, Colorado Revised Statutes: Education Article 33: School Attendance Law of 1963 Section 104.5, as amended. 

When can I submit my Letter of Intent for the following school year?

Enroll Jeffco is open to receive Letters of Intent for the 2022-23 school year. 

What subjects or courses am I required to teach?

Home Based Education programs include, but are not limited to: Communication skills of reading, writing and speaking; Mathematics, History, Civics, Literature, Science and regular courses of instruction in the constitution of the United States as provided in CRS 22-1-108. The selection of curriculum is at the discretion of the parent who is overseeing the homeschooling program.

Am I still able to homeschool if my student has a truancy case?

If a child and their parent/guardian have a pending or active truancy case, the intended curriculum must be submitted to Jeffco for review. If approved for Home Based Education, the student and the parent/guardian must continue to comply with any and all Judicial Court Orders. If the Letter of Intent for Home Based Education is denied, the family must enroll in a school and comply with all applicable court orders.

What are the attendance requirements for a homeschooling program?

Homeschooled programs must have no less than 172 days of instruction, averaging four (4) contact hours per day.

What documentation is required for a homeschooling program?

Records for each child participating in a homeschool program must be kept on a permanent basis by the parent/guardian overseeing the homeschool program. Records must include, but are not limited to: attendance, test and evaluation results, and immunization records. Such records will be produced to the local school district upon 14 days written notice, if the superintendent has probable cause to believe that the program is not in compliance with state law. 

How do I obtain assessments for my student? Where do I send them after completion?

Homeschooled students must have academic progress evaluated in grades 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Refer to CDE's FAQs about Homeschooling. Students can take a nationally normalized achievement test or a qualified person, as described in CRS 22-33-104.5(3)(f) can be selected by the parent to evaluate the student’s academic progress. If parents would like their student to participate in assessments through their neighborhood school (grades 3, 5 or 7) during the district testing schedule, parents must contact the school office by January 15th for assistance. There may be a fee for testing, payable to the school.

Assessment results must be submitted to Jeffco within 6 months of the test date and may be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to:

Home Based Education
Jefferson County Public Schools
1829 Denver West Drive 

Golden, CO 80401

Can my student take some classes at a Jeffco school while homeschooling?

Families may contact the school to inquire about and develop a detailed plan with approval from school administration. Part time students must enroll in school at least 60 minutes a day, 5 hours per week, or 90 hours per semester.

Can my student participate in extracurricular activities if they are enrolled in Home Based Education?

Resident students participating in home based educational programs may participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities if they meet the requirements of state law and district policy, with approval from the school administration.

Who pays for the curriculum and supplies for my homeschooling program?

The parent/guardian overseeing the homeschool program is solely responsible for obtaining books, supplies, tests, and any and all costs associated. 

Are homeschooling programs accredited by the State of Colorado or local school districts?


What are some resources I can use for supporting my homeschooling program?

Please visit CDE for additional resources.

How do I withdraw my student from Home Based Education?

The Parent or Guardian may submit an Intent to Withdraw form, send an email to [email protected], or demonstrate enrollment in another school.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Contact the Home Based Education office:
by Email: [email protected]
by Phone: 303-982-6661

When is the Home Based Education Office Open?

The Jeffco Home Based Education Office is open Monday through Friday, 9-1 and follows the District Family Calendar.

When can I begin homeschooling my student?

The parent may begin their homeschooling program fourteen (14) days after the Letter of Intent has been received by the district Office of Home Based Education. 


Can my student earn a diploma from Jeffco Public Schools?

District diplomas are presented only to students who have completed all District Graduation Requirements as stated in Jeffco Public Schools Board Policies. There is no state or district diploma for home schooled students.

How do I choose a curriculum?

Outside of Truancy or other court action, the selection of curriculum is at the discretion of the parent who is overseeing the homeschooling program. Parents/guardians should document grades, attendance, assessments, type of curriculum, and exploratory activities such as CO-OP functions and field trips. Please see CDE’s Home School Resources for more information.

How do I enroll my student in Home Based Education?

Pursuant to Colorado law, parents who wish to begin homeschooling must provide notification to a Colorado school district fourteen (14) days prior to beginning the homeschool program. Notification through Jeffco can be submitted through Enroll Jeffco and must be re-submitted to a Colorado school district each year.   

Home School - HBE Parent's Responsibilities

  • Provide notification 14 days prior to the beginning of home-based education. Parents must notify a Colorado school district each year they are planning to provide home based education. Notification through Jeffco Public Schools can be submitted through EnrollJeffco.
  • Provide a minimum of 172 days of instruction, averaging four (4) contact hours per day.
  • Provide instruction that includes, but is not limited to, communication skills of reading, writing and speaking; mathematics; history; civics; literature; science; and regular courses of instruction in the Constitution of the United States as provided in CRS 22-1-108.
  • Have the child evaluated when the child reaches grades three, five, seven, nine and eleven as defined in CRS 22-33-104-5 (f), using a nationally normalized achievement test, and submit the results to the school district which received the letter of intent; for Jeffco, submit to the Home Based Education Office.
  • Create and keep educational records as defined in CRS 22-33-104-5 (g) including, but not limited to: immunization records, attendance data, test and evaluation results and deliver them within 14 days of a written request from the district.
  • Parents may enroll the student in a Home School Enrichment Program for support.
  • Encourage the student to attend school while the 14 day processing period is in effect and describe the consequences of truancy if the letter of intent is not received and confirmed.
  • If a student's home school has requested a case be filed with or is currently in the 1st Judicial Court because of habitual truancy, the intended curriculum must be submitted to Jeffco for review. 

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Medical Homebound Instruction Program (HIP): This program serves students who are unable to attend school for an extended time because of a physical and/or emotional health concern. For more information contact your school. (See District Policy IHBF-Homebound Instruction for further information about homebound instruction.) 

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