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SecurlyHome App Custom Control

In addition to viewing your student's online activity for any Jeffco Public Schools device (Chromebooks and iPads), parents/guardians can now create allow/block lists for applications and websites using the SecurlyHome App. Functionality turned on by Jeffco on May 11 allows parents to have more say over their student’s internet activity while the device is at home and/or while using other public WiFis, such libraries or cafes.

We hope that parents/guardians will use this additional functionality as a second layer of control over the types of websites their student(s) are able to access during remote learning periods and over the summer.

How does a parent manage a child’s filtering rules?

  1. In the SecurlyHome App, navigate to "Rules."
  2. Select the device/student that you want to define a policy for.
  3. Make needed changes to categories that are enabled by toggling the controls to "On" or "Block."
  4. Under the "Sites" tab, begin a deny or allow URL list per your student needs. This is done by adding full URLs, such as or to the list. The deny list created by you will take precedence over the allow list created by the district.


SecurlyHome App Homescreen             SecurlyHome App Rules Screen


Pause Ability

Parents also have the ability to pause internet use on school-managed devices while students are at home by just touching the “Pause Internet” button in the SecurlyHome App.

SecurlyHome App Pause Screen 


District Controls Still in Place

There are a few district level rules and specific categories that parents will not be able to modify. These unmodifiable controls allow the district to remain compliant with the rules and recommendations of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Below are the settings and categories that you will not be able to modify:

Note: The district’s URL deny list will not be visible in the control settings or in the app.


  • YouTube Restricted Mode
  • Restricted Image Search
  • Keyword Scanning
  • SafeSearch Mode


  • Pornography
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Anonymous Proxies
  • Hate / Extremist
  • Other Search Engines (excluding Google, Bing, & Yahoo)

Please note: All Google apps remain on as they are essential to the remote learning environment. And some applications may not fall into the category you expect them to. 

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