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45-Minute Sessions

SESSION 1 RUNS FROM 9:30-10:15

SESSION 2 RUNS FROM 10:20-11:05

*Chose a 2 45-minute sessions, or a single 95-minute session



*Chose a 2 45-minute sessions, or a single 95-minute session



Fate by Dice Roll: A cybersecurity tabletop exercise  

Charisa Persico, Product Manager at Red Canaryred canary logo

Are you ready to experience a full-blown security incident? Sit in the driver's seat of a Cybersecurity Team in this highly interactive DnD style exercise.  

 charisa persico



Jump in our F1 Racing Simulator and see how key pieces of telemetry can improve virtual lap times.  

Dan Washburn, Regional Sales Manager, Splunk

Collin Gross, Staff Sales Engineer, Splunksplunk logo

Chris Crocco, Director, Splunk

In this experience with Splunk, students will have the opportunity to compete in time trial races in the F1 game. While a student is racing, other students can see how data flows out from the game into a real Splunk environment and shows different key pieces of telemetry that can be valuable in improving virtual lap times. 

 Dan WashburnCollin GrossChris Crocco



An Inside Look at Cybersecurity Incidents from Both Sides 

Dom Kirby, SSCP, dom kirby

cyber matt lee
dom kirby

Matt Lee, CISSP, CCSP, CFR, PNPT,  CyberMattLee

Provide an inside look at cybersecurity incidents and threat actor tactics, both from the mindset of the attacker and the defender. As both red and blue teamers (purple teamers), we will take a look at some of the modern yet simple TTPs employed by threat actors, and how defenders not only defend against them, but how incident responders react when operating right of the boom. We'll also spend few moments on the economics of cybercrime and why it is so pervasive in today's digital world.

 Dom Kirbymatt lee



FBI Denver Cyber: Cryptocurrency Case Overview and Malware Lab Walkthrough

Louis Fowler, Special Agent, FBIfbi logo

Carl Beringer, Special Agent, FBI

Join us for a 45-minute session where we'll provide an overview of a cryptocurrency case, exploring the legal processes and investigative techniques employed. Dive into the intricacies of cryptocurrency investigations and gain insights into navigating the legal landscape. Following this, we'll conduct a hands-on walkthrough of a malware lab exercise, allowing participants to explore practical aspects of cybersecurity and digital forensics. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of cutting-edge topics in the intersection of law and cybersecurity.




The Power of IT Certifications Comptia A+

Luther R Augenstein III, System Owner, Jeffco IT Jeffco IT logo

An overview of A+ Certification, tips on taking the exams and that A+ is the springboard to other certifications  

 Luther Augenstein



What's Wrong with My Chromebook? Learn How To Tear Down and Fix a Screen and Keyboard

Jeff Metz, Vivacity Tech PBCvivacity logo

Blake Smith, Computer Technician, Vivacity Tech PBC

During our session we'll explain what a Chromebook is and what our repair department does to fix a damaged one. We'll have hands on training for everyone in attendance to repair a screen and/or keyboard.

 Jeff Metz



Working at Apple 

Michael Scott & Patrick Benko Apple

Patrick Benko and Michael Scott come with over 30 years of combined experience working for Apple corporate, and they would like to share their story. Also listen to them talk about Apple's Learn to Code program, Swift certification, and how to explore programming jobs at Apple.
 Michael ScottPatrick Benko



Esports Management

SSG Christopher Callan, US Army Esports Team Manager, US Armyarmy logo

Discuss how Esports Managers acquire talent, Scout tournaments and what it takes to manage a professional Esports Team from one of the Team Managers for US Army Esports
 USAE 23 - US Army



Intelligent Transportation Systems at CDOT 

Jill Scott -PE2, CDOT

Jake Martin - Electronics Specialist III, CDOTcdot logo

Miguel Tovar, CDOT

Colorado Dept of Transportation careers for ALL

 jill scottjake martin



Rubik's Cube Art: Using Computer Programming to Design

Brian Kobasa, Senior Data Engineer, Jeffco IT & The Cube AbidesJeffco IT logo

Cara Hubbell, Business Intelligence Developer, Jeffco IT

Can YOU solve a Rubik's cube? If yes, come race us! If not, we'll teach you how to get started. Then we'll collaborate to build a Rubik's cube portrait. In this session, you'll get hands on with solving cubes and learn about how you can use computer programming to solve everyday problems. 

 brian and cara




Lee Hide, NA Solutions Sales BMD, Lenovolenovo logo

Join the Lenovo eSports team to learn about the eSports industry.  We’ll also be letting you try out our Lenovo Legion machines as you compete in Rocket League to win cool Lenovo prizes.  And if you have the skills it takes to win, you may even be featured on the Lenovo Legion Twitch channel live!

 Lee Hide



Unveiling the Future: Generative AI and the Careers it Shapes

Shelbee Eigenbrode, Principal AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect, aws logo

 Amazon AWS

Step into a world where machines paint masterpieces, write symphonies on command, and craft code with human-like ingenuity. This is the reality of generative AI, a field revolutionizing virtually every corner of our lives. Join us as we explore the cutting edge of this transformative technology, delving into its latest advancements and the exciting career opportunities it unlocks.

 shelbee eigenbrode



Unleash the power of GenerativeAI and learn to create Generative AI Apps using PartyRock

Gayatri Ghanakota, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer, Amazon AWSaws logo

Everyone, it's party time! This session shows the audience of all skill levels to create your own generative AI based application without writing any code using PartyRock! Once you have made an app, you can share it with the world! During this session, learn foundational GenAI concepts, important skills like prompt engineering and embark on a journey to explore the limitless possibilities of creating unique Generate AI Apps.

 Gayatri Ghanakota



Pixels that Predict: Adventures in AI Upscaling and Manipulation

Walter McCain, Solutions Architect, Amazon AWSaws logo

Stable Diffusion is not just a tool; it's a door to a boundless creative landscape. This presentation equips you with the knowledge and understanding to explore its potential, whether you're an artist, photographer, or simply someone with a dream to visualize. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Stable Diffusion and discover the power to paint your dreams into existence.

 Walter McCain



Take on FEMA's New "Disaster Mind" Game, Testing Your Skills in a Disaster

Kirsten Maltese,  Youth and Adolescent Program Manager, fema logo

FEMA Region 8

FEMA Region 8 is excited to debut the new "Disaster Mind" game for PCs. We developed this game to challenge high school students' decision-making in the face of three disasters. We'd love to play the game with students and answer questions on how we developed it. 




Mission Critical: Transforming Industries with Cisco IoT

Olivia Wolf, Solutions Engineer, Cisco

Thomas Archuleta, IOT Solutions Engineer, Ciscocisco logo

Kyle Vaughan, IOT Solutions Engineer, Cisco

Andrew Lundstrom, Solutions Engineer, Cisco

Our world is in dire need...

- Are you interested in protecting power grids and critical infrastructure?
- Do you want to help eliminate traffic deaths? 
- Curious about high-performance manufacturing networks?

Cisco Industrial IOT is leading in this space and continues to invest heavily. 

Join us to learn about the technology and careers to join the mission!

 olivia wolfthomas archuletakyle vaughanandrew lundstrom



Databases: Visualizing Data Relationships 

Dr. Mohamad Saleh, Senior Clinical Instructor, CU Denvercu denver logo

Join us in this interactive session where we delve into the world of small entity relational diagrams (ERDs). Learn the fundamental principles behind designing an ERD, a powerful tool for representing and understanding data relationships within a system or organization. We'll explore how to identify entities, define their attributes, and establish relationships between them in a clear, concise, and visual manner. Through a live demonstration, you'll gain hands-on experience in constructing a small-scale ERD, empowering you with a foundational understanding of this essential aspect of database design. Whether you're a novice or seeking to enhance your skills, this session offers insights and practical knowledge to help you create effective data models.  

 Mohamad Saleh



Easy A

Avoiding Plagiarism and utilizing GenAI for Assignments  

Shawn Augenstein, Principal Consultant, CDWcdw logo

In this 45 minute session you'll learn how to use a variety of different large language models in conjunction with advanced prompt engineering to create reports and documents that are uniquely yours. We'll walk through Ollama, GPT-4, a variety of AI Assisted search tools and a walkthrough of how to build your own personal assistant, but most importantly how to use the right prompt, ask the right questions and rebuild everything in your own words (with citations) so you can submit work with confidence. This is a great lead in session for Session #2: StableDiffusion and Adobe Firefly: Content Creation with Generative AI 

 Shawn Augenstein



Get Out of My Head!

Create Images and Content with Generative AI

Shawn Augenstein, Principal Consultant, CDWcdw logo

You wanna start creating content with StableDiffusion or Adobe Firefly? Wanna know how to turn the knobs and create the "Your Birth month is Your Spirit Gopher" (or whatever) post and grab a few thousand likes? Better yet would you like to know how to create ANYTHING in images. Period. Full Stop. We'll get artsy in this session and do collaborative pieces on the fly, learn about model selection, prompt engineering and avoiding copyright issues while protecting your own work. Your best served if you've made it to Session #1: Avoid Plagiarism: Critical Thinking and Prompting with GenAI first.  

 Shawn Augenstein



 Cyber Swiftie Escape Room

Marnie Roush, Computer Science Coordinator, Jeffco

JJ Moss, Computer Science Teacher, Chatfieldjeffco log

Janna Golgart, Computer Science Teacher, Dunstan

Becky Wilson, Computer Science Teacher, Three Creeks

Students are part of an elite cyber defense team hired by Taylor Swift to safeguard her unreleased album from a notorious hacker group, "Dark Melody." They must solve cyber challenges inspired by Taylor Swift's career and songs to protect the album. 

marnie roushjj mossJanna GolgartBecky Wilson



Careers at NSA

Darren Greer, Analyst, NSAnsa logo

Students are introduced to NSA's core missions and the diverse careers available at NSA, emphasizing the technical skills of the workforce. 




Cyber Safety 101

Naja Davis, Computer Network Operator, NSAnsa logo

Smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, the internet, social media, and email - all these communication devices and platforms are everywhere and ever-changing. Do you understand the possible threats in the cyber world? This talk introduces cybersecurity principles to increase students' knowledge about safely navigating the internet and social media platforms plus provides cyber safeguards when using personal devices. 





Carrie Black, Academic Engagement Lead, NSAnsa logo

Students are introduced to substitution and transposition encryption methods by encoding and decoding messages. The students play an indoor football-like game where the offensive team creates a secret code to designate which player will receive the pass. Students on the defensive team are challenged to ‘think outside the box’ to break the code to intercept the ball.




From Hacker to CSO

Justin Tibbs, CSO and VP of Security, ANM  anm logo

From Hacker to CSO, Let's Go!  Join us on a captivating journey through the world of cybersecurity. Unlike the flashy portrayals in movies, this talk delves into the real-life evolution of a young hacker, who initially began their journey in vulnerability research and exploit development and eventually found himself leading teams as a Chief Security Officer (CSO). 
Within the realm of cybersecurity, there's a role for everyone, whether your passion lies in threat and vulnerability research, AI, data science, technology, compliance and governance or other areas. We'll explore numerous pathways to break into the cybersecurity industry and find your niche.

 justin tibbs



Tech for All: Digital Accessibility Awareness and Beyond

Quynh-Chi Ho, Digital Platforms Program Manager, JeffcoITJeffco IT logo

Karen Pellegrin, Technology Accessibility Program Senior Manager

Explore the impact of digital accessibility, engage in hands-on manual and automated testing, and learn how to create inclusive digital experiences. Be a catalyst for positive change in the digital work -- sign up now and become a champion for accessibility!

 quynh-chi hoKaren Pellegrin



Aerospace applications of AI, LiDAR and Advanced optics

Cynthia Wallace, AI Lead, Ball Aerospaceball aerospace logo

Susie Dyer, STEM & Outreach Specialist, Ball Aerospace

Corey Hahn, Electrical Engineer, Ball Aerospace

What do multispectral data, autonomous control, LiDAR imaging, and deblurring have to do with endangered species and images of our universe? Explore the basics of AI/ML and LiDAR, then learn about how Ball Aerospace software and AI/ML engineers are using these technologies for both civil space and national defense. If you're curious, tech-savvy, or just love cool things, join us for an adventure that's all about the mind-blowing ways aerospace is changing the way we perceive our world!

 Cynthia WallaceSusie Dyercorey hahn



Internships: Pathways to Research, High Performance Computing, and More 

Agbeli Ameko, Educational Designer, NCARncar logo

Jessica Wang, Higher Education Specialist, NCAR

Learn about the differences between Industry, Research, and Academia and how internships can help you explore different pathways and careers to apply your knowledge and skills.

 Agbeli AmekoJessica Wang



The Ultimate AI Learning Toolbox  

Holly Clark, Infused Classroominfused classroom logo

Join us for an interactive session exploring the endless possibilities of some of the different AI tools out there. We'll take a deep dive into the wide array of experiences available in today's AI world and explore the differences between them so you know which one to use for what purpose. Some of the tools may require the user to be 18, or have parent permission to use. In the case where students can not use them yet, we will showcase what they do and how they might be used.

 holly clark



How Can I Use AI for Learning? 

Holly Clark, Infused Classroominfused classroom logo

In this session, we'll dive into how students can effectively utilize AI for enhanced learning, while also discerning which chatbots significantly boost educational outcomes. We'll explore the landscape of misinformation and the exciting future of AI, ranging from personalized chatbots to innovative applications in creating text, video, and music. This is an opportunity to understand the full spectrum of AI's educational potential.

 holly clark



IT Mavericks: Crafting the Future of Service Excellence

Tony Filipov, Lead - Solution Engineer, Freshworksfreshworks logo

Mohi Khan, Enterprise TAM, Freshworks

Clark Yates, Lead - Strategic Channels & Alliances, Freshworks

Have you, your parents, or your teachers ever wondered what the “Jeffco Help” service desk looks like under its hood? 

Whether you need help with enrollment, registration, technology, or just need to reset your password for the 8th time: rest assured that your JeffcoHelp team is here to help. But how are they able to serve every student, parent, and staff member? 

Join us to hear from our software partner, Freshworks, as they share best practices for IT service management. We will break out into groups to give you the opportunity to log in and test your skills as a service desk admin.

 Tony FilipovMohi KhanClark Yates



Unlock Your Future Potential: Exploring Engineering Careers

Anna Porter Systems Engineer Sr Staff, Lockheed Martin lockheed martin logo

Audrell Samuels, Staff Contracts Management, Lockheed Martin 

Attend this session to hear from Lockheed Martin engineers, as they explore various engineering career tracks and uncover the possibilities that exist within Civil, Biomedical, Chemical, Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Systems, Industrial and more! This informative session will delve into the details of each engineering career and the unique opportunities each provides while providing valuable insights into how to succeed in the field. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight into the world of engineering and discover the career path best suited to you!

 anna porterAudrell Samuels



Exploring the World of Cybersecurity Careers  

lockheed martin logo

Jaidie Vargas, Cyber Security Engineering Associate Manager, Lockheed Martin

Alexa Ramirez, Software Quality Engineer Asc, Lockheed Martin

Are you interested in learning more about cybersecurity and the different jobs available?  Join us for this exciting session to explore what cybersecurity is, why it matters, and how it affects our everyday lives.  We will discuss the roles of a Security Administrator, Security Architect, Cyber Lawyer, Security Analyst, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacker, Information Security Officer, IT Security Engineer, Security Software Developer and more.  Get ready to learn more about the exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity! 

 jaidie vargasAlexa Ramirez







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