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Assessments in Jeffco

State Assessments

ACCESS for English Language Learners

The ACCESS for ELLs assessment measures a student's English language proficiency.

ACCESS for ELLs provides educators and parents proficiency levels and information that is used to enhance instruction and learning for ELL students in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It is administered annually to kindergarten through twelfth-graders who have been identified as English Language Learners (ELLs) who are Non-English or Limited-English proficient. 

Length of Test: Untimed. The test has 4 sections. The approximate time to complete each section varies between 35 and 65 minutes.

Check out our ACCESS for ELLs Family Information Flyer:

CMAS Colorado Measures of Academic Success

CMAS Family Resources

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) requires the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) tests for grades 3-8 each year.  CMAS English Language Arts , Math, Science and Social Studies assessments were developed to measure grade level expectations in the Colorado Academic Standards.

Designed to be administered online, the tests feature a variety of interactive questions that are engaging and aligned with 21st century teaching and learning practices. CMAS testing occurs annually in the Spring.

Grades 3-11 ELA & Math

 Grades 5, 8, & 11 Science

 Grades 4 & 7 Social Studies (by rotating sample set of students)

Length of Test:

ELA: Unit lengths vary between 90-110 minutes, depending on grade level. 

Math: Unit length is 65 minutes. 

Science/Social Studies: Unit length is 80 minutes.

CoAlt Colorado Alternate Assessment

Family Resources-Understanding Score Reports

The Colorado Alternate assessment (COALT) and Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) are the alternate state assessments for students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who do not take CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) and are working toward Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEO).

DLM is a standards-based assessment designed to provide a picture of student performance and a framework for students to access the general curriculum in English language arts and math. 

COALT measures student performance on Science and Social Studies.

Length of Test: Varies. Each content area assessment contains an average of 7 testlets. Each testlet takes between 5-15 minutes to complete.

Colorado PSAT 8/9 & 10

PSAT & SAT Family Resources

The PSAT tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT in a way that makes sense for 9th and 10th-graders. It builds on the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) tests in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The PSAT also aligns with Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) and with the SAT that students will take in 11th grade.

The PSAT focuses on the knowledge, skills, and understandings that are most important for college and career readiness and success. In addition to helping students practice for the SAT, it can identify student’s potential for success in advanced course work. It provides data on academic strengths and weaknesses.

Length of Test: Approximately 2.5 hours

Colorado SAT

SAT & PSAT Family Resources


The SAT is closely aligned to challenging classroom work of Colorado schools and focuses on the key skills and concepts that evidence shows matter most for college and career readiness, including:

  • Mathematical concepts, skills, and practices important for career training programs.
  • Reading, comprehending, and writing high-quality essays supported by evidence.

The SAT also serves as an admission test and is accepted by every college in the United States. At the time of testing, students can send their scores to up to four colleges for free. The SAT essay can also be taken as part of the Colorado school day SAT administration. The SAT essay is optional and voluntary and can be added at no cost to students.  All students who are enrolled in 11th grade at a Colorado public high school are eligible to take the SAT.

Length of Test: Approximately 2.5 hours


District Assessments

CogAT Cognitive Abilities Test

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT 7) is used as a universal screener for all 2nd graders in Jeffco schools.

This universal screener is a way to identify exceptional potential and talent among all populations at a given grade level, including English Language learners, students with special needs and those who may not be achieving on other traditional academic measures. Using a universal screener is considered a best practice in the field of gifted education.

Jeffco typically administers the CogAT to 2nd graders in October.

Length of Test: 90 minutes

Additional Information: Jeffco Gifted and Talented page.

DIBELS 8 (Early Literacy)

Acadience Family Resources:

(Other languages available in linked documents.)

DIBELS 8 helps to monitor the development of early literacy skills. It is required from kindergarten through third grade, and can be used as needed at grades four through six.  This assessment is also used to meet the Colorado READ Act requirements. 


If a student cannot successfully access and engage with the DIBELS 8 assessment, iReady may be used as an alternative as determined by a special education professional. Alternate eligible students who are working toward Extended Evidence Outcomes may take CELS (Colorado Emergent literacy Scales).


Length of Test: 5-10 minutes


KEA Kindergarten Early Assessment

The K-3 Formative Assessment Process, which includes the Kindergarten Early Assessment, helps teachers and families gain an ongoing understanding of the strengths and needs of each child as a way to help ensure that each child reaches his or her greatest potential. 

The information gathered from this assessment during the first 60 days of kindergarten creates a snapshot of each child's learning development in key areas, enabling future instruction to be tailored to each child's specific needs.

Length of Test: Varies. Educators collect data through student observation and during normal classroom activities.

KEA At a Glance

K3 At a Glance

MAP Growth Measures of Academic Progress

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP Growth) is an online test in English language arts and mathematics available for students in grades 3 through 10. MAP also offers science tests and an assessment for primary grades (K-2) which is given in some schools.

MAP is an adaptive test, which means every student gets a unique set of test questions based on responses to previous questions. The difficulty of the questions adjust depending on how each student answers prior questions, allowing the tests to be tailored to each student's level and helping to pinpoint individual student instructional needs

 MAP is administered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, providing real-time information throughout the school year about a student's achievement and growth.

Length of Test: Untimed. The average time to complete a content-area test is between 45 and 60 minutes.


 Student Progress Report

 Parent's Guide to MAP Growth (Video)

Family Report (Video)

 Comprehensive MAP Family Toolkit

 Additional MAP information

TS Gold

Teaching Strategies GOLD is an observational tool used in preschool. This tool helps teachers  gather information on each child's unique thinking, reasoning and language abilities, social-emotional well-being, and ability to understand reading and math concepts. With this information, teachers are able to adjust instruction to the individual learning needs of each child. Teaching Strategies GOLD provides many predictors of future school success.

Length of Test: Varies. Educators collect data through student observation and during normal classroom activities.

Family Access to Assessment Results

Families can access some state and district assessment results for their students as well as components of learning plans by visiting Student Insights.  Click here for more information! Families may also request assessment results from the student's school. 

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