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Jeffco Makes!

Welcome to Jeffco Makes - an online platform to get you and your family making, baking and shaking! Pick one (or all) that you and your family want to do.

Be sure to snap pics and video of your Jeffco Makes activities and use #jeffcomakes on social media and we'll feature your projects, activities, and creations!


Kindness is the key!

Reconnect with classmates and teachers while spreading (and learning) about kindness with this Be Kind Bucket List.  

Encourage a classmate, sit with someone new at lunch, or bring a nice note for your teacher. 

Print the bucket list and share with us how you are spreading kindness at your school!  


Be Kind Bucket List

Summery Kitchen Towels

Brighten up your kitchen with this fruity towel!

Create bright and summery dish towels with this fun craft

Make your own stamps out of summer fruit, foliage or flowers - then get to stamping! 

And the sky's the limit with this activity - use your stamps on bedding, drapes or even clothing!  

  JeffcoCommunitySummer Stamped Towel

Spring Crafts

Spring has sprung!

Keep the kids busy for hours with one of these fun and creative springtime crafts

From ladybug rings to a 3D caterpillar - the possibilities are endless!

 We'd love to see your creations, so be sure to tag us and use #jeffcomakes. 

  JeffcoCommunitySpringtime Crafts

Ice Lantern

Short days. Long nights. The       winter solstice is upon us. 

Light up these cold and dark winter nights by making your own ice lanterns.

This activity is a fun and easy way to bring some color and light to your neighborhood while learning about the different states of matter involved in the project.

  JeffcoCommunityMake Your Own Ice Lantern

Help your Community

MAKE a difference in our commUNITY.

Whether‌ ‌you‌ ‌or someone you know needs‌ ‌help‌ getting food for family, looking‌ ‌for‌ ‌employment‌, or other support — it’s ok to ask for help.

Jeffco Community Partners has resources to help all those facing hardships. Help out by sharing this resource with those you know and via social media.


Learn to Knit

Knitting is a great activity for kids (and adults) of all ages! Not only is it a wonderful and relaxing activity, you can make friends and family thoughtful holiday gifts.
It might seem daunting to get started but these beginner resources will get you knitting and purling in no time! We also suggest watching the video below with your kids once you have your supplies. 

Gratitude Jar

Tis' the season for an attitude of gratitude.


While 2020 has had many ups and downs, gather your family together this month to focus on the abundance in your life.


Create your own gratitude jar for you and your family to fill out throughout the month. On Thanksgiving day, read each gratitude submission.  


Vertical Garden

Leaf Buddies

It’s 2020. Let’s make some friends out of our fall leaves! Head outside and gather up some of those amazing leaves falling from your trees and make a fun new friend with this activity.

While they won’t make up for our real buddies, they will make pretty great fall decorations.

Use #jeffcomakes so we can see all your new leaf people!


Vertical Garden

Facemask Fun!

Coolest accessory of 2020? It's a facemask of course.
Get your mask looking stylish and personalized for the first day back at school with these fun DIY decorating ideas.

Check out our RestartJeffco page to be sure you are using one of our approved types of school safe masks.

Use #jeffcomakes so we can see your mask fashion!.


Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardening

It's gardening season in Colorado, and we challenge you to get creative outside!


Check out these fun gardening ideas for the entire family. Be sure to snap a pic and share it with us -- we want to see how you are growing your green thumb.


Use #jeffcomakes so we can see how your gardening creations turn-out.


Vertical Garden

Mortarboard Magic

It's time for many of our Jeffco students to put on their caps and gowns to celebrate graduation and commencement.


While we cant celebrate together, we want to see how you are making some mortarboard magic! Decorate your mortarboard to show your school pride, personality, or future plans. Here is a great article to get you started.

Use #jeffcomakes so we can see how yours turns-out.


Teacher appreciation cards!

Messages for Teachers

Teacher Appreciation & Love! Teacher Appreciation Week starts 5/4. 


MAKE something artsy with supplies or make a drawing of something your teacher would like. Create a simple message of gratitude or sign of support. Take a photo. And be sure to share it with them.   Use #jeffcomakes so we can see what you make for your teacher!

Teacher appreciation cards!

Tie-Dye 101

Everything is more fun when it’s tie-dyed. We are seeing people take ordinary clothes, shoes, and household items, and creating colorful and creative tie-dyed creations!


Follow this Parents Magazine tutorial to get started with basics of tie-dying. Be sure to show us all of your amazing creations using #jeffcomakes!

Daily Creature Class


Missing art class? Join a Daily Creature class - from IX Art Park in Charlottesville, VA! These animal-themed stories and tutorials guide you through different sculpture and illustration projects.


Get those creative juices flowing and be sure to share your creatures and creations with us on social with #jeffcomakes. 

Rube Goldberg Machine

4.13.20 Ever seen one of those unbelievably complicated machines created to do a seemingly simple task? That’s called a Rube Goldberg machine! We challenge you and your family to create your own Rube Goldberg machine from normal household items - perhaps some extra toilet paper rolls you have laying around.


Be sure to catch a video of your machine in action and share it with us on social with #jeffcomakes. 

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk chalk art has a magical quality that can cheer up and brighten someone's day. Find ideas below for Sidewalk Stained Glass Chalk Art.
Grab some chalk and tape and send the kids outside for some creative play!

Be sure to snap a picture or time-lapse video and share it on social media with #jeffcomakes
chalk heart stained glass

House of Cards

Open up that junk drawer (we know you have one) and pull out a deck or two of cards. We challenge you to build your tallest or most creative house of cards! Do you think you have what it takes to build a 25' tall structure like the Guiness World Record holder did? 

Be sure to snap a picture or time-lapse video and check out the video below to get inspiration and helpful tips.


Take a trip around the world (via the lunchbox)!

Try one of these kid-friendly meals for your next school lunch and expose your kiddos to cuisines and flavors from different cultures! 

Write down a few fun facts about the meal and country of origin for your student to share with their lunchmates! Bon appetit!

Ice Cream in a Bag

Is it even summer without ice cream?

Have fun with the entire family with this classic - ice cream in a bag! 

Use this recipe as a base then jazz it up with your favorite flavors and toppings. Share pics of your family enjoying their labors of love by using #jeffocmakes. 

Celebrate Passover

Happy Passover! Or chag sameach!

Passover is starting and we encourage your family to learn about the cultural significance this 8-day Jewish celebration.

Discover and discuss the history of the holiday and then make one of these TASTY looking recipes that are a twist on some of the classics.

NYE Foods

Counting down the days until 2021 like us?

Usher out perhaps one of the most challenging years in our lifetime with one of these international dishes.

Each of these foods or recipes is special to a particular culture and prepared to celebrate the new year. Pick one (or a couple) and show us what you make!


Learning About Latkes

Happy Hanukkah!

Starting your eight nights of celebration or just learning about the festival of lights? Either way, we encourage you to make (and show us!) this amazing Noodle Kugel.

While you enjoy your tasty dish, learn about the significance and history of kugel during Hanukkah celebrations.


Holiday Traditions

From latkes and mince pies to a babka and saffron buns, food is an incredible vehicle to appreciate the culture, traditions, and beliefs of cultures other than our own.

We encourage you and your family to pick one of these recipes to make and then read, research, and celebrate the traditions behind the dish.


Pumpkin Muffins

Nothing beats fall baking season! And we encourage you to get your entire family together to make these amazing pumpkin muffins (read: cupcakes!). 

This recipe is fun, easy, and celebrates some of our favorite ingredients of Thanksgiving. 

Be sure sure to tag your delicious creations. Now, time to get baking! 

  Summer Salad 

Pumpkin Hand Pies

Spooky season is officially upon us!

While this fun and festive time of year isn’t the same right now, we encourage you and your family to get in the kitchen and whip up something tasty. 

This pumpkin hand pie recipe uses everyone’s favorite seasonal ingredient. If you can’t get the edible candy eyes, leave you pies plain or use a little white and back frosting to decorate.

  Summer Salad 

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to School means time to break out that lunch box!

We know it can be hard to find inspiration for fun, healthy and delicious lunch time meals for your kiddos. Never fear, we have an entire list of tasty ideas for you to pack up this fall (we are a personal fan of this twist on a PB&J).

Snap a pic of your lunchtime creations - we cant wait to see what you come up with! 

  Summer Salad 

Graduation Treats

What's graduation without some fun and celebratory treats?
Follow one of these recipes to help celebrate your grad (and maybe embarrass them a little). Because nothing says "congrats" like marshmallow graduates! 
This Delish Article will give you some great ideas. Have your own? Be sure to share it with us - we want to see how you are making these graduation celebrations special.

Teacher cookies!

Farmers Market Feast

We HEART our local farmers markets and it's a great time to try new produce and fruits you might have never cooked with. 

 Head out to your local farmers market, farm, or backyard garden and gather some fresh produce. Then try one of these recipes that highlights the ingredient. If you can't find your produce on this recipe list, try to sub it in for one that looks similar (and be sure to let us know how it goes!).

 Summer Salad 

Educator Treats

Let’s show our teachers how much they mean to us.
Do you know your teacher’s favorite food? If not, ask them on your next ZOOM call and see if they will share a recipe you can make. Then, get cooking! Or, bake a dessert you like, write your teacher’s name on it, or write a special message. Take a photo and share it with them!
 Be sure to share it with us, too! Tag your photos or submit them below - we can't wait to see what tasty treats you cook-up!

Teacher cookies!

Pancake Art

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring. It can be a fun, creative (and still healthy) way to start the day.
This Super Healthy Kids recipe is a great base recipe for you to mix-and-match with your favorite ingredients. Once you have that nailed down, we want to see your best pancake art! The youtube video below gives you some great basic designs to start. 

Skillet Blondies

Big. Skillet. Blondie. Do we have to say anymore?
Make this delicious blondie (like a brownie but without chocolate) from Half Baked Harvest. It's the perfect treat to celebrate another day of remote learning, working, or just because!
Tieghan lives and develops all her recipes in Breckenridge - so no fears with any of those high altitude baking fails! 
Skillet blondie

Mix and Match Quick Bread

It seems like everyone is baking bread right now. But if you are hard pressed to find yeast, here is a great idea to use what you have to make a delicious quick bread! 
Take a peek in your cupboard. Have some extra chocolate chips?Perhaps an unused bag of dried fruit and some leftover spices? Then create your own Mix and Match bread with this easy base recipe
Quick bread

Ingredient Swaps!

It's hard enough coming up with substitutions when in a pinch - but with stores sold out of many baking neccessities - baking creations can fall flat, literally.
Find ideas from "The Food Substitutions Bible" for work-arounds and swaps that will get you through, and who knows - maybe you'll find a silver (cupcake) lining!
Share your ingredient swap successes or failures on social media with #jeffcomakes or submit below!
Kids baking together

Bon Appetite Brownies

Now is a great time to bake up some warm goodies for your family to enjoy! Head over to Bon Appetite and their "Basically's Guide to Baking" to get great tips to improve your skills and this week's recipe: these incredibly delicious brownies.

Most ingredients are pantry staples. Sub your favorite gluten-free flour to make these GF friendly. Find the recipe below. 
Bon Appetit brownies


We are #BetterTogether when we unite and support our community. 

Sign up with your family, classmates,  and friends for this year's A Little Help's Service Saturday - which is Oct. 30th for Jeffco.

These service days tackle work at the homes of older adults throughout the community.  

Open Space ClassesSign Up for Jeffco Service Saturday

Open Space Activities

Get outside (and keep learning) with Jeffco Open Space!  

Nothing beats summer in Colorado and we encourage you and your family to get outside and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer.  

Jeffco Open Space has at-home activities and in-person educational programs for all age ranges.  

Open Space ClassesLearn With Open Space

CO Ghost Towns

Feeling slightly stir crazy spending so much time in the house?

Get out with the family and visit one of these spooky and fun historic Colorado ghost towns and learn about our state's deep mining history. 

Feeling ambitious? Tack on one of these family-friendly hikes to round out this quintessentially Colorado day. 

CO Ghost TownCO Ghost Towns

Kids Meditation

The stress from this year has impacted everyone - including our kids. 

Introducing a meditation practice can help kids and adults alike manage stress and find peace during uncertain times.

Try one of these easy meditation activities to introduce the concept.

Tik Tok DanceTeaching Kids Meditation

Holiday TikToks

The countdown is ON! Show us your best holiday or winter break countdown with this fun TikTok challenge.

Extra points if you are in your favorite cozy PJs and get the entire family involved!

Tik Tok DanceTikTok Through the Holidays

Virtual Grad Fun

Graduating remotely means getting creative with your celebrations. We want to see how you and your family are celebrating graduation, virtually. 

It could be your dog handing you your diploma, a backyard ceremony or even one on your favorite Animal Crossing island. Be sure to share a video with us below or using #jeffcomakes and #jeffcograds2020 on social! 

We love our teachers! 

Winter Hikes

Even though temperatures have dropped, you can still get outside with the family for a great winter hike. 

You can explore one of these suggested winter hikes around the front range, or keep in close to home in Jeffco Open Space

Be sure you pack plenty of water, snacks and layers! And always check trail conditions before you head out. Happy hiking! 

openspaceWinter Hikes

Virtual Teacher Messages

Let’s show some LOVE!

Video message a heartfelt letter, card, poem, song or note of appreciation. Act it out. Be sure to show gratitude or how a teacher inspired you. Create a special dance or ‘sign’ a message. Videos must be a minute or less.

Be creative! Use #JeffcoMakes #ThanksJeffcoTeachers

We love our teachers! 

Turkey Trot

Get outside. Run those miles. And then enjoy that Thanksgiving feast. All for a good cause.

While there aren't going to be any Turkey Trots in-person this year, you can still run that 5k on (or before!) Thanksgiving. 

Join the Mile High United Way and their 2020 Virtual Turkey Trot. You will be giving back to the community while making great (and sweaty) family memories. 

Turkey Trot


Workout with Owen


Join Owen - a student from Governor's Ranch Elementary School - in his quick and fun 10-minute workout.

Grab the entire family for this one and be sure to share videos and pics of your family doing Owen's workout! 

Workout with Owen

Monster Mash Yoga

Monsters at the ready!

Get your body moving with this fun halloween yoga and mindfulness video from Cosmic Kids Yoga. As the weather begins to change, introducing your whole family to yoga is a great way to get movement in while inside. 

We want to see your best mummy walks and spooky yoga moves --- so be sure to snap a pic or video and upload below.


Meditation for kids

Meditation is a powerful practice, and it's not just for adults. Introducing kids and young adults to meditation gives them a tool to help manage stress, sleep, and relationships.  

Headspace has free (yes, free!) guided meditations for your kids. Their five themes focus on calm, focus, kindness, sleep and wakeup. Meditation is great because it can be done anywhere, at any time. 

Headspace imageHeadspace for kids

Leaf Peepin'

Hiking boots at the ready. It's leaf peepin' season, ya'll!

Viewing the colors change is a classic CO fall activity and we have some of the best trails right in our backyard. Check out these suggested routes in Jeffco to enjoy the change of seasons. Be sure to share photos of your family exploring the outdoors by using #jeffcomakes. 

Fall Leaves in Golden CO

Kids Bike Drills

Spring has sprung in CO, and that means it's time to practice those bike skills! Set-up a mini bike course for your kiddos to brush up on bike handling and maneuvering.
Be sure to share with us your homemade course and videos of your family practicing! You'll be ready to ride those Jeffco trails in no time. 

GIrl mountain bikingKids Bike Skills

Jeffco Junior Ranger

Calling all nature lovers! It's time to get outside and earn your Jeffco Open Space Junior Ranger Badge. 

Download Jeffco Open Spaces' guide to earning your Junior Ranger Badge, and then head outdoors to get started. You can explore some of Jeffco's trails or stick to your own neighborhood. Be sure to share photos of your family exploring the outdoors by using #jeffcomakes. 

We love our teachers! 

Hopscotch ladder drills

CU Coach Englehart encourages hopscotch ladder drills to keep you moving!  

ALO YOGA for kids

A yoga practice has incredible benefits to our minds and bodies.  

Alo Yoga's YouTube channel has videos ranging from full classes, to fun, beginner series - like their dinosaur yoga - for kids!

Gather the whole family and find a video that fits your schedule and experience level. Make sure to snap a pic or video of you and your kids in their favorite yoga pose!

How to Submit


We want to see (and share) all of your amazing Jeffco Makes creations! Be sure to use the #jeffcomakes on social media and tag Jeffco Public Schools. We'll also be showing off your projects on this site, so use the google form below to show us all of your awesome Jeffco Makes videos and pictures. 


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